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Tennessee Homemade Wines

Tennessee Homemade Wines Home Page Header

Tennessee Homemade Wines

Tennessee Homemade Wines is a winery based out of Gatlinburg, TN and are the area's top seller in southern style sweet wines. They ship wines to 41 states and have a large wine club following.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Home Page Header
The Challenge:

TN Homemade Wines needed to match the southern style of their product, while also retaining the functionality of being able to sell wines on their website. Due to the laws and regulations of selling alcoholic products online, they were limited to what e-commerce platforms they could use.

A Brand Worthy Of A Good Design

Whether it be the wine bottle labels, the storefronts in Sevierville or Gatlinburg, or the numerous variations of their iconic logo, Tennessee Homemade Wines speaks southern traditions in every inch of their branding. When Lions Creative was handed the project of creating a website for TN Homemade Wines, they knew they had a well established brand to live up to.

Because Tennessee Homemade Wines is a company that sells alcoholic products, there were a couple of hoops to jump through to make sure that the user experience was as fluid and enjoyable as possible.


The platform TN Homemade Wines chose to use to sell their wines is limited in it's functionality to customize the look, feel, and operation of the embeds provided. While it does have many useful features for selling and distributing wine on the client side of the platform, as well as ensuring that the distribution of alcoholic products was performed in a legal fashion, there were a couple of obstacles Lions Creative needed to work around first.

This is important for a number of reasons:

  1. The seamless user experience between navigating around the website as well as being able to shop for wine is key to a good web design.
  2. Forcing visitors to leave the site to shop for wine is bad for audience retention, as well as not being able to surround the user with the brand.
  3. The embeds made available by the e-commerce platform were not customizable to match the brand identity of Tennessee Homemade Wines.

How LC Overcame

The solutions for these problems was in the code. With a little bit of good ol' southern programming know-how mixed with a spoon full of reverse engineering, Lions Creative was able to determine where the styling was being sourced from, and inject some of their own css. Along with that, the buttons to purchase were not very pliable when it came to customization either, so LC took it upon themselves to mock the process on the user-facing side of things, and let the magic happen in the javascript. Don't worry about the messy and boring details.

The Result

What came of this nerdy glasses-wearing speak was a seamless user experience allowing the users to stay on the Tennessee Homemade Wines website, yet do their shopping on the e-commerce site without knowing they are using a separate platform. The users only leave the site when they have filled their cart with the goods they want, and are ready to start the checkout process. This all resulted in a decrease in the bounce rate, an increase in audience retention rates (large part to do with the new design of the site as a whole), better backend SEO to increase the company's reach, and a website that works to live up to the brand Tennessee Homemade Wines had created.

Tennessee Homemade Wines
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